Observation/Real World Studies

Desert Oasis Healthcare’s Center for Research and Healthcare Innovation (DCRI) has the people, the experience and the technology to conduct Observation and Real World studies. After conducting clinical trials and other research studies for over 15 years, we understand the rigor and precision required in study operations. We have the capability to perform observational and real world outcomes studies and healthcare wearable studies. Contact us.

DCRI’s proven research process includes access to:

  • Dedicated research team
  • HCP Studies™ App
  • 80,000 patient database
  • 300 primary care and specialty providers
  • Cost effective operations

DCRI employs the innovative HCP Studies™ mobile app, which allows us to create customized studies and surveys directed at patients and healthcare providers, collect feedback and compile data. This technology provides us with a platform from which we can collaborate with healthcare technology developers, academic centers, pharma sponsors and other research partners to develop surveys and data collection tools.

We have the right people, the right tools, and the know-how. Let us help you find your solutions