Center for Research and Healthcare Innovation

Our passion for research and innovation began in 2001, when our Medical Director worked with an academic institution in need of study patients on an NIH grant project. The successful study was later published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Since then, Desert Oasis Healthcare’s Center for Research and Healthcare Innovation (DCRI) has participated in over 170 clinical trials involving many of the treatments and medical innovations introduced over the last decade, with over 1300 patients as volunteers in our studies.

DCRI is a research and study center committed to the acceleration of leading edge healthcare innovation through the study of new treatment methods, medications and educational programs which promote and improve good health. Our mission is to engage patients as study volunteers, partner with physicians to promote medical advances and collaborate with study sponsors and innovators who are developing new treatments and technology.

DCRI is based in the beautiful desert city of Palm Springs, California. Desert Oasis Healthcare Medical Group (DOHC) is a Heritage Provider Network affiliated medical group which has served the medical needs of the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas since 1981. DOHC is a primary care-based physician lead organization with over 80,000 members, 100 primary care providers and 200 specialists based in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas.